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Featured Articles

  • Administrator Joomla 2.5 and how to migrate from v1.5
    Written by Administrator
    According to iJoomla, "The Joomla Project people have stated that it will go stable around January 10th, 2012." and "There is no upgrade path from J1.5 -> J2.5. You will have to migrate. ". How to migrate from J1.5? There are a variety of changes from J1.5 to newer versions including changes to tables and the ACL (access control list) so a migration is the only way. iJoomla mentioned an extension can be used for this purpose (remark: they have not tested it though). In any case, users must "take all the usual precautions and backup your databases and files…
    Written on Tuesday, 03 January 2012 12:57 in Skills Zone
    Tags: Joomla
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  • Administrator K2 for Joomla
    Written by Administrator
    K2 is a content construction kit (CCK) which brings new elements to Joomla. My intention is to built my web site primarily on the more flexible model offered by K2. This page will collect the essential tips and skills I have learned over the period of creating this web site.
    Written on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 17:37 in Skills Zone
    Tags: K2
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  • Administrator Joomla
    Written by Administrator
    Since this web site is built with Joomla and K2, they inevitably becomes the first two items on my skills blog! This site is built with Joomla v1.5.23 and K2 v2.4.1. Initial version of this site is built with the localhost. I have started working on it intensively since Dec 2011. Though I attempted once roughly the same time last year, since then I did not do much to it and it turned out that I did not like the template I picked and I was too busy and not motivated to continue. Anyway, I started to work on a…
    Written on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 17:36 in Skills Zone
    Tags: Joomla
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